Job Opportunity: Collecting speech samples of general conversations over phone calls

Fiducia Management Limited is helping our clients to build the next generation of artificial intelligence powered interactive voice response (IVR) systems in the customer service areas. The end goal is to allow machines to interact with and respond to customers with their inquiries in any daily scenarios, such as banking, hospitality, and more, with no or little human input. You can read more about IVR systems here.

Task Overview

In order to do this, our clients are collecting speech samples of general conversations people would have over phone calls for research and machine training purposes.

Target Languages

English from people who grew up in England (Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will be in the next phase).

Task Details

You will be asked to register on our client’s website and use their recording platform to complete 4 phone calls with another person on topics such as finance, Insurance, retail, etc.

  • Each phone call is 15 minutes.
  • Conversations should be as natural as possible and in a quiet indoor environment.
  • Each candidate can participate in the task once and once only.
  • All recordings will be verified by our Quality Assurance team for speaker nativeness and speech quality.
  • After the recordings are verified and accepted, our client will pay candidates US$50 for the task. Payment will be by bank transfer (via Payoneer) or PayPal.

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